b10788 (2018-05-16)






  Setting and History of the New Evochron

War broke out between the Alliance and Federation, resulting in devastating losses on both sides over the course of about 4 years. The network of trade and commerce that had existed for decades across the Evochron quadrant was destroyed. Stations were obliterated, colonies wiped out, and fleets were decimated. 1/3 of humanity was killed during the war as empires and planets fell. Treaties were never signed and peace never declared, but both sides can no longer afford to fight at the levels they had previously. A perpetual state of conflict now exists with each side controlling roughly half of the quadrant, Federation forces largely holding the upper region and Alliance forces mostly holding the lower region. Disputed territories and regions of conflict remain in the middle part of the quadrant.

Humanity as a whole now finds itself in a state of post-war rebuilding and recovery. There is a lot of space left open for building and expanding on both ends of the quadrant while the constant threat of attacks from both sides continue. There are no longer individual factions within each system, only primary allies for the Federation and Alliance now remain.

The fixed station designs that the pre-war industrial complex had established are now gone, leaving behind new building systems that allow stations to be constructed from 'module' pieces in unique configurations. With the threat of persistent attacks, new technologies were also developed to give stations the option to defend themselves. However, many are largely unfinished, leaving the opportunity for the venturing allied pilot to build on them to restore defensive, trade, economic, and industrial elements.

Constructor stations were also casualties of the war, so now stations themselves are the resource for custom item building and material processing... and in much greater ways. Virtually any item can now be built in the new engineering lab available in stations, plus a few secret ones.