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This is a simple tutorial for building space stations, some of the information can be used for cities too.

First we will talk about location. Any where you want really but here are some points to consider.
Building materials. Whilst you only need metal ore which is plentiful, you don't want to build too far
away from a supply of metal ore. Most but not all asteroids fields and planetoids have metal
ore so check first.

Next you will need to clear the sector of any opposing faction structures. The method to do this is
simple if not a little time consuming.
Destroy the modules in this order, Shield Modules as this makes destroying everything else easier.
Next the Weapons Modules if any, then all other modules leaving the Command Module till last.
The Command Module should be destroyed last so you can find where previous modules were
built if you die, as some modules fight back.

You will also need a ship with ten cargo bays, a Build Constructor and a suitable Mining Beam.

There are two building methods, 1 - safe areas and 2 - hostile areas.

1 - Safe area. In a safe area you can build in any order you want, normally the Command Module first.

2 - Hostile area. This is a different build method, start with defenses, power and shields.
You will need to practice this method in a safe place first. The reason for this is simple, once you build
a Command Module it attracts ships, both good and bad. If there are no defenses
one of two things happen.

A) you get attacked OR
B) your station is attacked and both of these are not good fun.
Building a Command module.

Compass heading 0

Location withing sector from your Build Constructor display. X:0 Y:0 Z:0. All other modules are built
relative to the Command Module.

Now you are in the right place and pointing the right way, time too build.

Now you wont see the big red arrow on your screen, but you will need to enter a name for your station.
This is what you should see next once you have entered the name and pressed the button for a Command Module.

Before you continue make sure too save if you did not auto save.

You will now need to re-stock your Metal Ore.

Whilst your Command Module can and will protect itself, you can help by adding some shields, power and weapons.

Position yourself as before heading 0 and X:0 Y:0 and Z:0 and move down, place the pointer over but do not
press Shield Module. When you reach the bottom of the Command Module it will be in the correct place, now
press the button. Highlight the Power Module button, move down a little further and build a power module.

Shield Module

Power Module

Now to add some Weapon Turrets which look like this;

At this point you have three place to put them, you can add more later. Note, do not place them directly
at the end of the Command Module tunnels.

As you are near the bottom, move down 100 - 150 units and place one directly under the bottom
center of the station. This will help protect the bottom of the station.

Next, move above the station and place one above for the same reason.

Now enter the station to place the next five Weapons Turrets from inside.

From inside the Command Module face the wall between the tunnels, too make sure you are facing
the right way use the rear view and make sure the docking collar is behind you and the opposing tunnel.
Open the Constructor window and build a Weapons Turret, repeat for the other four walls.

At this point your basic station is built.
More advanced building for faction control and advancement.

You will have noticed other moduls in the Constructor window.

Add as many as you want, remember only 100 modules per sector so chose carefully.

Link then too the station, make sure they have power, shields and cover from defenses.
You can test the ranges yourself. You do not need to link to the station directly, but it
looks better if you do.

Building a fortress too keep your stored items safe.

Sit directly above or below the center of the station.

Build a ring of Weapons Turrets at these headings, 0, 36, 72, 108, 144, 180, 216, 252, 288 and 324.

Next you are going to give them shields and power. Set heading to 0, X:0 Y:0 Z:0 and move up/down
to the ring of turrets. Now build two Shield Modules on top of each other, a Power Module and then
two more Shield Modules.

Repeat for the other end, and then just for that overkill build another ring of Weapons Turrets
about 500 units away from the first.

This will take you some time and practise, and it is overkill. BUT three thing to remember.

1 - The AI can attack your stations, these defenses will kil them off quickly.
2 - Human players will attack your stations, this will make it hard work for them.
3 - You don't want too lose your stored items.
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